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The Problem with Charity.

Here’s the video that’s been making it’s rounds all over the social media platforms. If you haven’t seen it yet, please take half an hour of your time to understand the topic I’m about to discuss.

The video is very well put together, and it’s subject very real. Joseph Kony is indeed someone the world needs to work together to be rid of, if he is found guilty of all the crimes he’s committed in the past 20 years. I say “if” to include a small measure of reasonable doubt, as I’m not entirely familiar with all the atrocities this video and it’s victims seem to be accusing him of.

Now there seems to be a lot of speculation surrounding this video of late. I’ve read some of the blogs that seem to hold a very strong opinion against this video’s message and the agenda behind the Kony movement. It is generally reasonable to have some speculative skepticism whenever a subject or group becomes wildly popular overnight, but I’m afraid without a voice of reason out in that speculative turmoil, it might actually hurt the cause.

These are my thoughts on the subject.

I read the visible children after watching the video, and felt quite compelled by his arguments. It is true that only 32% of the $8,676,614 in donations received have actually gone to Aid received by the victims in Uganda. Now 32% is by no means a small amount, and I applaud the efforts of this non-profit organization. But, surely more could be done with regards to the percentage actually spent on Aid. It seems 68% has gone to travel expenses, production of 11 films about Kony, and marketing exposure. I will not join the masses in pointing fingers about how they’ve been blatantly wasting Aid money, for I know how expensive exposure can be. This group and their message, needs as much exposure as possible right now. However, I think the expenditure should plateau by now. With the thousands of views this video has been receiving, there seems little left to be done short of a rally to increase awareness.

I am all for the Kony movement, I urge everyone to spread the message, share the video, talk about it, start a local initiative. But, I will be holding on to my money, for now. I’d like to see the organization apportioning more money towards actual Aid before I decide to donate. Hopefully, if more people agree with my message, the organization would respond in kind, and victims would see more of the benefits their strife has brought them.

Don’t silence their voices, just use a little common sense.

– Saintkeat

2 thoughts on “The Problem with Charity.

  1. The money angle. Yes. It’s very complicated. I wonder what you think about the aims and objectives of the campaign in general? I am literally torn in two.

    • I think that their cause and message is noble. But we can’t deny that Jason Russell and the crew at Invisible Children Inc stand to gain a lot of recognition from their videos. Which could be the reason why so many videos were produced with the donations received. So I think we spread the message but withhold contributing financially till they shape up a bit.

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