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Travel Blog #2 – Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies, Singapore.

Here in the country I am currently residing, a quaint little shop has just opened it’s doors.

Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies, located on 36A Kandahar Street, sits just off Arab Street in Singapore.

Walking up the wooden stairs and past the heavy curtain, I’m greeted with a welcome blast of cool air from the air-conditioning. I turn the corner and see a corridor stocked full on both sides of denim, shirts, and leather products.

On the upper rack, there’s jackets and shirts from Iron Heart and Dry Bones. On the bottom rack, there’s denim from Rail Car, Iron Heart, Triple Works, and Dry Bones.

There’s 3 different cuts of Rail Car denim for women. Donna cut in stretch cone mill denim, Viper cut in stretch cone mill denim, and another Viper cut in 100% raw cone mill denim. Look out for Spike which is the men’s cut possibly coming soon to Tuckshop.

Anyone share the same love I have for the Dry Bones leather patches?

Now I’m pretty sure many of you already have plenty of pictures of the usual Iron Heart and Triple Works denim, of which Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies is an official distributor of. Have you seen this limited edition pair of Aero Leathers x Iron Heart though? The patch was thick with a natural finish, the back pocket didn’t have the usual red Iron Heart insignia, instead it was a deep subtle blue, which I felt was a very nice touch. The denim was the usual 21oz Iron Heart loose weave denim made of Zimbabwe cotton.

I really liked the small touches to the store like the thick leather “hangers” from which the denim hung from. There was a simple changing room, an old outfitted barber’s chair, wooden boxes lining the walls. It had a nice antique western feel to it that seemed consistent with the products carried. I was genuinely surprised to see a corner dedicated to Mister Freedom, of which supplies are usually scarce. There was a pair of light weight MF jeans, and a rack full of t-shirts and shirts with every size available!

On the other side of the wall leading up to the cashier’s counter, there’s a nice collection of in house brand, OGL leather goods on display, and Japanese silverware from Good Vibrations.

Up the stairs to another floor, I was greeted cheerily by the artisans of OGL (Obbi Good Label) as they toiled away at the Leather workshop. It seems they relocated from Arab St, and moved in with their sister company Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies. The workshop is by no means off limits to customers, one is always welcomed to sit and watch their work or chat about the on goings in the world while they work. It’s such a warm environment, it’s a common sight to see locals lounging on their couch!

As I bid farewell to the artisans and the good company, I looked up at the Superfuture Heavyweight Championship belt hanging off the banister and reminded myself to visit again soon. Perhaps when their Red Cloud & Co. collection comes in next month.

Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies

36A Kandahar Street

Singapore 198893

Mon-Fri: 1200 – 2100hr

Sat-Sun: 1300 – 1900hr


– Saintkeat


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