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Hall of Fade X Artist Denim!

Our collaboration with Artist Denim is finally up for preorder RIGHT NOW!

We’re offering a Slim Tapered cut made from 21oz Premium denim in sanforized deep indigo and black. The denim is made from Zimbabwe cotton, as such it is some of the most comfortable denim in the market, due largely to the long staples that allow for a far more pliable fabric.

The deep indigo version has indigo warp and a slightly brown weft, which would fade with a slight tinge of brown for that wholesome rugged look.

The black version has black warp and black weft, this makes it a true black pair without the patchy white weft that usually presents itself in most black denim. It’s sulphur dyed, so expect it to fade to grey.

A lot of attention was paid to the details. Starting with the buttons! Custom engraved Artist denim top button with Hall of Fade button fly. Rivets have a mix of both Artist denim and Hall of Fade insignias as well!

The backpockets have the Artist denim design, which is 2 paint brushes crossing each other like a coat of arms.

Make no mistake, a lot of effort has been put into this collaboration and we are not charging inflated prices at all. Production on this collaboration has been capped at just 50 pairs for the indigo and 25 pairs for the black. The fabric is deadstock! We couldn’t produce more of these even if we wanted to. Get them while stocks last, I expect all of them to be sold by the end of the week!

Place your orders here: http://halloffade.com/preorder-adxhof/

We appreciate the support!

– Saintkeat

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