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Heir Audio 3.A

I’ve had plenty of folks ask me “how are the 3.As after 6 months?”. So I’ve decided to post up an update to my review here.

I’ve been using them on my daily commute through traffic, on tiring trips abroad, while cycling on my usual route every other night, and when I really need to focus and drown out all extraneous sounds. It’s been really grand having this fine piece of craftsmanship pumping out lustrous notes for all my activities.

In the past 6 months they’ve been fondled by many curious souls, and they’ve been accidentally dropped a few times by me and them. Yet, they’ve held up completely fine! In my experience, all it takes is one hard fall and you’ll find small cracks in the acrylic shell at the very least. These have none! I do have a very small chip in the lacquer on my left face plate after a hard fall, but it wasn’t even deep enough to reach the wood underneath. This is a significant finding to me. I know of at least some custom companies out there, in the efforts of cutting down costs, have thinned down their acrylic shells. This might seem insignificant to people reading this, but it really weakens the integrity of the shell. Some companies use an acrylic pour that isn’t as clear, or structurally weaker in constitution. This definitely isn’t the case with Heir Audio.

It’s been said that I’ve sung many praises about Heir Audio, but I’ve done so with reason. This is a company with a well thought out production line, focusing on quality and value. Which other custom company you know of that states outright 2nd and 3rd owners can re-shell their custom for a marked down price? Each of the models offered by Heir Audio target at a specific group of consumers:

– Budget range, warm musical sound (3.A)

– Budget to Middle range, neutral clarity (4.A)

– Middle to High range, more bass with neutral clarity (6.A)

– High range, accurate yet musically sounding with high quality bass (8.A)

Down to the sound. I’ve been shifting between single ended and balanced almost daily, and have found that I like what each source brings. I do however, wish that I had a little more punchy bass on certain tracks, a wider sound stage, and a lower noise floor. I have to remind myself from time to time that this is the lowest end model and I should be less demanding of it. I still like the vocal presentation most times, with some tracks it seems drawn back a bit and I find myself wanting. Nonetheless, I have no complaints about fatigue after 6-8 hours of listening on a daily basis. And I’m happy with the warm musical presentation.

Perhaps, my ears are just itching for an upgrade.

For the full review of the Heir Audio 3.A click HERE

To purchase any of the Heir Audio products, head on over to www.heiraudio.com

– Saintkeat

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