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Dry vs Dry Indonesian Edition!

This has been in the works for a while now, I’m finally glad to announce the start of 2012 Dry vs Dry Indonesia Edition! The contest would begin on the 29th May and would run for exactly one month, it will be open to anyone who is a resident of Indonesia, of any brand and worn duration. Simply submit your photos to Hall of Fade and a winner will be selected at the end of the contest by two judges. Namely, the sponsor of this contest, Vincent, Owner of The Denim Vault, and Ika, also known as Kayodic.

A few months ago, I took a trip down to Jakarta, all the way to Kemang to visit the foremost noteworthy denim store in Indonesia. It was great to glimpse into this growing denim community so far down south of Asia. With the growing number of denim enthusiasts in Indonesia, and with a steady rise in home grown denim brands, I felt the need to showcase to the world what this country is truly capable of. So with that in mind, I sought out local entrepreneur and The Denim Vault owner Vincent.

For those of you who haven’t had the good fortune to meet Vincent, let me tell you a bit more about him. He’s quite an unassuming and humble guy. Meeting him, it was difficult to put this young man’s face to the man behind The Denim Vault. Most store owners of this calibre would be in their thirties at the very least. Over coffee, we talked about his passion behind indigo and his earnest desire to develop and grow a creative and wholly individualistic denim community that is uniquely Indonesian. It is this passion for his country and denim that had him jump right on board with my Hall of Fade contest idea. He understood that the best way for his country to be noticed in the international community would be a widely publicized contest on an international platform. With that, I present to you the first judge and generous sponsor.

I’m sure many of you out there would find her a familiar face. She is none other than Kayodic. Seen here with her Naked & Famous X Momotaro jeans, worn heavily in the recently concluded Nordic Denim House wear and tear project. She was certainly a favourite finalist, being one of the few women in the world who truly understands fabrics and indigo, rocking many well faded pairs. Over the years, she has garnered international respect, being featured and sponsored by brands like Rail Car Fine Goods, Red Wing, and Obbi Good Label (OGL). Being Indonesian-Chinese, shes no stranger to Darahkubiru, having organized and judged the first Ladies only denim contest there. She has graciously accepted the opportunity to be part of this amazing contest. I present to you the second judge.

I would be an adviser to the competition, helping out with spotting artificial wear for disqualification and leaving my personal inputs on the best pair at the disposal of our two esteemed judges above.

I’m sure many of you are eager to participate at this point, so let me wet your appetite a little further.

The Prizes are as follows:

1st Prize – 1 Million Rupiah + 500,000 Rupiah The Denim Vault Store Voucher

2nd Prize – 500,000 Rupiah + 300,000 Rupiah The Denim Vault Store Voucher

Special Prizes:

Best Indonesian brand denim – 1 million Rupiah

Most likes on Hall of Fade – 500,000 Rupiah

Vincent has suggested he would like to have all the participants send the jeans to him if possible for a standard studio photo shoot, after which, the photos will be uploaded to Hall of Fade. If you are unable to send your pair to Vincent, simply take a front and back well lit shot of your jeans, and ensure your name and “Indonesia” is tagged to your photo in the description. Only then will we know your pair qualifies for this contest. Any brand and any state of wear are all welcome.

Check Denim Vault on Facebook for more highlights. Click Here

Keep yourself updated on Darahkubiru forum thread here

I’ll be posting more news here as the contest progresses.

Let’s have a great contest everyone. Good luck to all of you!

– Saintkeat


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