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United Nude.

A specific someone told me this journal is great, it just doesn’t offer very much for women. As I’m moving the focus of this page to a more lifestyle-centric page, pushing out unique articles on creative products and the world around us, I felt this brand deserved a spot here. I came across this brand while shopping with two ladies at a departmental store a couple weeks ago. I could not help myself, I had to pick one up and have a look, they were just stunning to behold and looked absolutely outrageous on my companions’ feet.

It was mind boggling to think some of those designs could actually hold a person’s weight! Further investigation revealed they were made of extremely sturdy construction, with some sporting carbon fibre, fibre reinforced nylon, casted aluminum, and ABS to name a few. This was a methodical artistic approach to the reinvention of the shoe.

Gents would feel the Men’s collection is incredibly limited and not particularly interesting. I have a feeling that something is in the works though, and we shouldn’t write them off just yet. In the mean time, United Nude have been showing off their versatility with the Lo Res Chair and the Stealth Hat. It would seem the angular good looks are becoming somewhat iconic of the United Nude brand!

Prices for shoes start from € 55 onwards, expect to pay north of € 400 for the more artistic avant-garde models.

Check out their website and twitter at www.unitednude.com

– Saintkeat

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