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Hall of Fade X Artist Denim – A Closer Look.

Artist denim is founded by a fine gent named Gun from Thailand. His vision was to fill that niche of customizable denim from the growing discerning denim obsessed population. He purchased several rolls of denim from around the region, most of which came from the mills in Japan. He also purchased several kinds of cotton fabric and brass hardware, including several vintage machines to help improve the quality of his product. His early venture into the business saw him using a couple of tailors to sort out the cuts and construction of the first lot. He wasn’t satisfied with the quality of work done by these local tailors, and being the enterprising young man that he is, he decided to learn the art himself. Gun dropped out of contact for a few months, but when he came back, I think he took many of us by surprise! His workmanship was improving by leaps and bounds. Today, as you will soon see, his workmanship is outstanding.

I think its best I get something else out of the way. Many of you are aware that we’re using the same fabric used in Iron Heart’s 21oz 634S. It has been alleged the fabric we’re using is of a Grade C quality, I assure you that is not in the slightest bit true, our fabric has a very rich blue and no faults found after hours of careful scrutinizing, without a doubt it is a Grade A fabric. It is the exact same fabric found on the 634S. However, we had no intention of using a fabric that would upset our well esteemed friends at Iron Heart. Whilst Gun was sourcing for fabrics a while back, he found this beautiful fabric from a nondescript mill in Japan. Looking at the weight and luster, he bought a few rolls of indigo and black fabric directly from the mill. On our end, we were looking for a nice heavy denim to work with for our first collaboration, he offered those fabrics and we were sold. By the time we realized we were using denim exclusive to Iron Heart, production had started and capital committed. However, we endeavored to produce an entirely different product from Iron Heart, that is what we’ve achieved here today. Yes it is the same fabric, but it is an entirely different product.

Close ups of our 21oz indigo and black fabrics.

With that out of the way, I wish to share with many of you the finer details of this first collaboration we’re extremely proud of. This 21oz fabric uses pillow soft Zimbabwe cotton, it has a nice texture to it and is only slightly hairy as you can see from above. The indigo fabric has been sanforized so don’t expect it to be slubby, however, the indigo is very rich in character. The black fabric feels slightly stiffer as a result from both the warp and weft having been sulfur dyed black. The black isn’t a jet black, rather it seems to look more greyish black, as such it will fade beautifully to grey over time. Looking at pictures from Michael I was convinced I’d like the black more, having both in hand now, I can’t decide which I adore more! Don’t expect much shrinkage from either shade, go with true to size for a slimming fit. Both fabrics feature red selvage lines and are right hand twill fabrics. Right hand twill fabrics usually produce sharper contrast fades.

Next, I’d like to talk a bit about the construction. As I’ve said before, Gun has really stepped up his game! Comparing our jeans to a pair of PRPS Ramblers which is of lighter weight Zimbabwe cotton, the difference is extremely visible. The sewing on our collaboration jeans is beefy and strong, its thread count looks to be double that of PRPS! Expect to see a symmetrical construction when you receive our jeans, and a strong sense of security that matches well with this heavy weight denim. Hems are chain stitched, and the inseam is double chain stitched!

Now onto the hardware. The buttons are made of Brass and the rivets are copper, both of which are made by the industry standard, YKK Japan. The top button features the Artist denim insignia, and the button fly features the Hall of Fade insignia. The top exposed rivets carry the Hall of Fade insignia, the bottom exposed rivets bear the Artist Denim insignia. The indigo version carries brass colored buttons and copper colored rivets. The black version sports silver colored buttons and rivets.

Both indigo and black versions have the same 11oz heavy duty, natural cotton pocket bags. On the right pocket bag, there’s a brief description on the Artist Denim mission statement. On the left pocket bag, we’ve decided to add a practical design. We’re well aware of several people using permanent markers to ink the start date and wash dates on their pocket bags. So with that in mind, there’s a box included for your start date, a counter for your wash amounts, and a calender to keep track on your days of wear. After every five days, simply cross out a section.

We’re very pleased with the strong interest in our pre-orders thus far, and we’d like to thank each and every one of you for all the support you’ve given us in the coming months. That said, there’s very limited quantity left, and all jeans are made to order. If you’d like to place an order for a pair, please use the order form at http://halloffade.com/preorder-adxhof/. It takes 3-5 days for Gun to craft a pair for you, we thank you for your patience!

– Saintkeat


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