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Our Lady Peace – Healthy In Paranoid Times.

I know some of you may be familiar with this Canadian band’s more mainstream work. However, I think their earlier work was far better. I first started listening to the band back when their 2nd album “Clumsy” was released in 1997. It was my beloved Canadian cousin that encouraged me to give them a go. Now in 2012, I’m still a fan of the band, and “Clumsy” is still one of my favourite albums.

Which brings me to “Healthy In Paranoid Times”, which is July’s Album of the Month! I’m aware of the mixed reviews it had when it was released in 2005, but it doesn’t matter. Every song on this album is a win! It was reputed that this album was one of the longest and hardest ones they’ve ever made, the band almost broke up a few times recording it! I think what they’ve achieved is a solid effort, this album easily measures up to “Clumsy” in my books. It doesn’t matter what Raine Maida says about this album, if he doesn’t like his own work, at least we can appreciate what he fails to acknowledge, a post grunge sonic masterpiece.

Have a go at some of these tracks to have a feel of the album: Angels/Losing/Sleep, Apology, Love and Trust, Picture.

– Saintkeat

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