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Travel Blog #6 – Son Of A Stag, London, UK.


In the heart of London lies Brick Lane, a very hip and arty street where loads of tiny “gems” could be found. There you’ll find quaint little antique clothing stores, indie brands like Folk have a boutique there, and the streets are painted in art and proses. People dress with a flair here, you get a real sense you’ve walked into one of the hippest places in London! In my opinion though, the biggest gem this lane has to offer, has to be Son Of A Stag.

It’s become a rather famous store worldwide, which is pretty amazing considering it’s rather humble, indie origins. It was first started by Rudy Budehdeo about 5 years ago, and since has silently garnered a large following of denim aficionados in the region. I say silently, as they’ve never really advertised their store or their offerings. In fact, they’re still developing their website as we speak. This is especially amazing as they’ve grown to be quite a large store housing several brands, and merchandise has been moving fast!

I took the opportunity of meeting with Rudy in his store and spoke to him about the finer details behind the store and the history behind it. Even the name of the store has an interesting story to it, it has a Swedish origin, and that person is great friends with Rudy, who adopted the name for his store. I wasn’t conducting an interview with him, so nothing was recorded to transcribe. However, we did have a very lengthy conversation about denim and the industry. Rudy is unlike anyone I’ve ever known, he has a real undying passion for denim that transcends money. He has a strong curiosity in denim production, right down to weaving and dying techniques. He has sourced and bought several vintage union special machines and even vintage shuttle looms. They aren’t for show, they’re strictly educational and experimental. He might have a production project some time in the future at his own personal cost which might not even go on sale. He is a man that loves to tinker and discover everything there is to know about his interest, and that is the epitome of a denim hobbyist. I have tremendous respect for this man, I can only endeavor to follow his example at some point in the future.

His love for all things vintage doesn’t stop at denim. At the store you’ll find vintage memorabilia littered all over, from retro-tastic ice skates to a neat collection of Buddy Lee dolls. It’s like a quirky little museum that just so happens to be an amazing denim store. You’ll find a great selection from brands like Momotaro, Studio D’Artisan, Lee Vintage, Edwin, Levis Vintage, and several others. It’s easy to see why Son Of A Stag has satisfied even the most astute denim aficionado for years.

If you’re ever in London, I’d strongly suggest you pay this store a visit. The address as follows:

9 Dray Walk, Off 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7247 3333

www.SonofaStag.com is still under development, but do check back for updates.

I couldn’t find the time this time round, but next time, I’ll be sure to take you up on that pint Rudy!

– Saintkeat

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