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Tenue de Nîmes Grand Opening of their New Store in Amsterdam.

Founders Menno and Rene have expanded with the opening of their second store in Amsterdam, throwing open their doors on the 18th October 2012! I’ve been following their progress, from tracking down a good location, to building the interior with gigantic planks of timber for shelving. It’s been quite a journey for them, but they’ve done it! Their newest store isn’t just big, it looks to be a great place to shop. They’re stocking everything, from Naked & Famous to RRL, Nigel Cabourn, Acne, Canada Goose, and many more too numerous to mention. I would say the majority of items sold at the store are for men, however, they have attributed a large section just for women. The following are pictures of the store just before the party, about 2.5 levels of fantastic shopping and the women’s section is conveniently on the ground floor.

Rene anxiously awaits the droves of people.

The crowd started filtering in and the party really started. People were standing around talking, enjoying the beverages: Heineken, Bacardi Mojito, Bacardi Coke, Vitamin Water. There was plenty of savories as well: Oysters, Pepperoni, Salami, etc.

Menno using his charm with great success.

This is Fulvia Cantagalli, RRL’s creative director. Sure looks like she’s having a great time.

To end it all off, we have Eat Dust founders Keith and Rob giving our dear Ika a kiss on both cheeks! Ain’t she the lucky lady.

If you’re in Amsterdam, have a look at this brand new store:

Tenue de Nîmes
Haarlemmerstraat 92-94
1016 TX Amsterdam

– Saintkeat

Pictures by Ika Surjosantoso

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