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Travel Blog #7 – Naked & Famous at The Denim Store, Singapore.

Brandon and Bahzad landed in Singapore today for the Naked & Famous event held at The Denim Store in Mandarin Gallery. First time meeting the chaps, I must say that I am looking forward to hanging out with them in Bangkok tomorrow! They always seem like they’re bursting with energy and knowledge. Here’s the thing, I really enjoy meeting brand owners because you learn a lot about the brand and the production behind it. Never have I walked away learning nothing, I’m usually put in my place about what I know and I absolutely love that. They were showing me all their amazing products that simply put, blew my mind.

Here’s Brandon Svarc behind a makeshift ironing board.

If you’re wondering what he was doing, he was making denim origami for customers who had purchased at least 1 Naked & Famous item. One thing I’ve really got to say about this guy, is that he’s got fantastic showmanship! He could draw a crowd by juggling, talking, demonstrating, or folding origami! Here’s a pig he made.

Here’s his right hand man who’s Naked & Famous’s product designer, Bahzad (with his bear claws). He was a real pleasure to talk to with a pretty interesting history!

Now that introductions are out of the way, here’s what they’ve been working on, bear in mind that all their products are Raw. There was a pair of strawberry scented “Scratch n Sniff” denim that really worked! I wasn’t the only one surprised. There was a pair of “Glow in the dark” jeans that came attached to a tiny black light torch. This was very cool indeed. You could use that little black light torch to draw or write on any part of the denim, and it would leave a lasting glow of about 1 minute. Needless to say, if you’re in a club, you’ll be lighting up like a radioactive shuffle bot!

Next up, is a pair that’s going to be in next season’s collection. It’s a pair of garment dyed thermal denim. Exactly, WHAT?! It responds to heat, the denim would actually start looking like an acid wash on areas of your leg that are heating up. Here’s Brandon demonstrating how it works.

They’ve certainly got some extremely interesting and fun denim products we can all look forward to. A company that’s really on the fringe on what’s possible in the fashion industry. Brandon Svarc is THE Willy Wonka of the denim industry.

Next up, is the infamous 32oz super heavy weight denim. It is the heaviest denim in the world, and I’ve heard the mill that made them had a nightmare constructing them! The first run of 100 pieces have been sold, however, fans can soon look forward to purchasing another run of 100 pairs of the 32oz in both indigo and black. It would be the last run, so grab them quick if you’re interested.

This final pair by Unbranded, might seem less spectacular than all the pairs I’ve shown you thus far. It’s double chain stitch construction, 21oz right hand twill fabric, with copper hardware, might seem run of the mill stuff these days, it was the price that floored me. The 21oz Unbranded will retail for under $100.

Thanks Tracy from The Denim Store for the hospitality!

The Denim Store

333A Orchard Road, #03-09/10/11

Mandarin Gallery, Singapore.

Tel: +65 6733 3608

– Saintkeat

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