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Travel Blog #8 – Pronto Denim Carnival 2012, Bangkok, Thailand.

Pronto recently held a grand event down at Siam Paragon, Bangkok, on 21st October 2012. Some of you might have known through forums, twitter, and such, that some of the biggest names in the denim industry were making an appearance. I wasn’t going to miss this for the world! So I booked a flight and headed up! The Denim Carnival was made to look just like a classic American styled barn yard carnival. It had tables and chairs that looked like wooden boxes, bales of hay stacked up everywhere and western saloon style doors at the entrance. This was quite the contrast from the very posh looking mall next to it that housed some of the most expensive brands and even had a Lamborghini showroom within it! Let’s step right in and check it out, I’ll show you the sights in accordance to the map above starting from the right.

The first booth belongs to the Lightning crew! They were taking plenty of photographs of the carnival and of the night before, so expect something about the event in the next issue.

Kobayashi-san and the Flat Head crew.

The Pronto crew.

The adorable girls from Cheap Monday.

Iwaya-san from Pure Blue Japan.

Katsuhito-san and Kishin-san from Japan Blue Momotaro.

Doug and Bryce from Nudie.

The view from the stage before we proceed to the next string of booths.

Brandon and Bahzad from Naked and Famous with some hotties.

Kiyo-san and John from Big John.

Jordan from Imperial Denim.

Philip and the Red Wing crew.

The Somet Crew

There were some exceedingly interesting products up for grabs! To name a few examples, there were indigo jeans from Naked and Famous that fade red, there was a Pronto collab with N&F that had vintage pornography printed on the inside, a Nudie luggage bag made from denim and leather, a limited edition pair of jeans by Big John that fades like a pair of vintage 501s, very cool Momotaro custom designed jeans, and some “Gotta Roll” brand jeans that are basically re-branded Flat Heads.

Apart from all the fantastic brands on display, there was a shooting gallery. We played with this quite a bit just because it’s an easy pick-up game. You’re given this gun that fires a laser beam, and you’ve got to hit the centre of 3 different tires. If you hit the target, the tires will light up and spin. Seems simple enough, but it gets heaps harder when you back up a bit!

What’s a carnival without a dunk booth right? We had some hotties serving the dunk booth alright! It sure wasn’t easy to hit the target, definitely no aspiring baseball pitchers in our group.

We had a few fantastic bands playing for us. They played music that fell in line with the theme. Mostly country, alternative, and rockabilly genres. Here’s a couple of noteworthy bands. They had us jumping, cheering, and singing along:

Sally the Kraken.

Trix O Treat.

The heat was getting to everyone, quite unbearable really. Katsuhito-san seen here beating the stifling heat with a welcomed cup of ice cream.

Here’s Bahzad’s method of beating the heat. Viking style of course.

Philip giving a demonstration to the TV crew on “how to condition your Red Wing shoe”.

John posing with Pronto Dan’s baby Deen and wife Ray. Adorable little boy that everyone wanted a photo with!

All the brand owners were signing plenty of autographs, on the seat of everyone’s jeans. Much like how Iwaya-san is doing here.

One of the band members from Sally the Kraken came up to me completely tied up and said “I’m a slave to denim”. Naturally, I took a picture and doubled up in laughter.

Did I mention the mechanical bull? This pretty much dominated the day’s entertainment! Naked and Famous’s Bahzad faced off against Bryce and Doug from Nudie, and yours truly! It was an absolute spectacle and we had a blast!

I had one of the best times I’ve had all year and I owe it all to the Pronto crew. I probably can’t speak for everyone who participated but I’m pretty sure they feel the same way. If you came to the event and enjoyed yourself, these are the people that made it happen:

Pronto’s Dan. (Seen here with Brandon Svarc)

Pronto’s Paul.

Last but certainly not the least, Sunny Sachdev, the backbone behind the whole event.

Here’s everyone who was involved and participated in the Carnival. It was a pleasure to have met all of you.

Special thanks to Nudie for that awesome plug during the Nudie contest. (You guys know what I mean).

– Saintkeat

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