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Hall of Fade X Pronto Collectible.


The Hall of Fade X Pronto 6th Anniversary product recently arrived at my doorsteps. When Michael first talked to me about this collaboration, I was admittedly a bit skeptical about the product. He said “its a throw back to the old view master back in the day, with 3D reels of denim production.” I raised an eyebrow, thinking the depth of field with standard 3D products I’ve seen on the market hasn’t been all that impressive. That’s where I’ve made an erroneous assumption!

I slotted in a reel and raised it to my eyes, I’ve got to say, I was riveted. The images were stunning! Everything looked so real! If I hadn’t had to hold it up to my eyes, I would have tried moving around to see if I could look AROUND the object. All the pictures were so tastefully done, featuring Artist denim producing one of our pairs of denim in his shop. For the denim geek, this is an absolute must have. Quite frankly, you’ve got to see it to believe it.

Each set comes with 3 reels and the 3D view master in polished black. It uses standard sized reels so any other 3D reels you may have would naturally fit. Depending on the response, there might be talk of making more denim related 3D reels.

The bag it comes with is styled around the old world war medic bags. It features heavyweight waxed canvas with leather straps and brass hardware. The bag seen here is Midnight colored. The bags come in 5 colors, namely – Mustard, Military, Cream, Midnight and Ash.

It has a zippered enclosure with a separate zippered compartment. The interior is completely lined with nylon.

On the back of the bag you’ve got a hidden zippered compartment for important items like your travel documents, cards and such.

If you’re interested in this very tastefully done piece of memorabilia, they can be found in any Pronto store, or you can email us at halloffade@gmail.com. Do note, they are of very limited quantity, as this was a special run just for Pronto.

For color selection, we wrote a launch article featuring all the color options available here.

– Saintkeat

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