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Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk

Hugh Laurie - Let Them Talk

March’s Album of the Month goes to the highly distinguished Hugh Laurie. I’ve loved watching him as an actor, from Blackadder to present day House. He’s a great actor, who would have known he’s also a soulful musician? It turns out in an interview with him, he mentioned that he’s always wanted to be a rock star and never got the chance to till now. As a fan of his acting work, I picked up his album to see if he’s got the stuff. My god does he have the stuff. If you’re a fan of blues, you won’t be able to put this album down. It features soul legends like Tom Jones, Irma Thomas and Dr. John, crooning along with the suave sexy appeal that’s synonymous with Hugh Laurie. Playing the album on my sound system is like marinating my speakers with melted butter. I will be looking for this in vinyl one day, when I’ve finally picked up my dream set up. It was difficult selecting the sample tracks for the purposes of this article, only because I loved almost every single track.

Sample tracks to listen to: St. James Infirmary, You Don’t Know My Mind, Baby Please Make A Change, Buddy Bolden’s Blues.

– Saintkeat


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