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Nujabes – Spiritual State

Nujabes - Spiritual State


Nujabes (Seba Jun) was working on his 3rd studio album following the massive success of Modal Soul. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to finish it as the angels came for him in 2010 after a terrible car accident. As such, this album was completed by those close to him. Even if you’re critical of every track in this album, you’ll be hard pressed to find any fault with it. Spiritual State follows stringently to Nujabes’s style and modus operandi. I’m clearly happy with the album considering it’s been on repeat for a few weeks now, along with his previous two albums. As such, Spiritual State is May’s album of the month! Rest in peace you artistic genius, the world owes you much and misses you plenty. If anyone out there knows where all his albums can be found on vinyl, drop a comment. I’d love to get my hands on the whole analog collection.

Have a listen to: Yes, City Lights, Waiting for the Clouds, Island.

– Saintkeat


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