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Travel Blog #10 – Iron Heart Party at Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies, Singapore.

The handsome fellas at Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies Singapore had a big do on Tuesday the 19th of February. They hosted their second Iron Heart party, this time, with both Giles and Haraki in attendance! Not to mention the Iron Heart pattern cutter Tomoko and their infallible interpreter Sarina. A.k.a. the Stubborn Crew!


My good friend and esteemed SUFU member Kayodic was present at this event as well!


John Gan and his photographer from Kronos Malaysia were in attendance. Very nice chaps. Looking forward to hearing about their upcoming store soon.


The party started late afternoon on a weekday, the crowd gradually accumulated by evening. By then, most of us were knocking back our 5th can of beer. It was a lovely intimate crowd and everyone got to talking at some point. Great opportunity for enthusiasts to meet their “maker” so to speak.






We were treated to a little denim education by the great man Haraki himself! He explained to us the differences in the fabrics they’ve used thus far, and gave us a sneak peak into the fabrics that would be appearing on shelves pretty soon. These included the exclusive 23oz fabric that was specially made for Kiya from Self Edge, and what I thought was a very interesting 18.5oz left hand twill fabric. It was a great show and tell, which left many of us feeling closer to the brand than we would have thought possible.


SUFU member Megatron’s Mega Beatle Busters. It’s a 25oz fabric and seen here slightly worn overlapping a brand new textile sample below. He’s a pretty big fellow, anyone present would know not to mess with that red bearded giant in a bar fight.


Of course, what’s a meet and greet without some autograph signing am I right? I witnessed one enthusiast strip down just to have the very pair of jeans he was wearing autographed!



When there was a chance for a break, Giles offered to give Haraki a shave!


That wasn’t all there was to the break of course. Girls seen here sipping on an ice cold Limau or Lime drink in English.



What’s a party without some giveaways! Giles and Haraki very generously offered up roughly the equivalent of USD$500 in prizes. Coupons were given out to all who attended, anyone who purchased an Iron Heart item from Tuckshop qualified for a second chance at the draw. Prizes were: 1 limited edition fleece jacket, 1 chambray shirt, 1 work shirt and 3 bandanas in various colours. Yours truly was, however, not one of the lucky ones!


The Tuckshop gents have certainly showed everyone a lovely time! It was a tremendous display of hospitality. I certainly had a lot of fun despite being a touch under the weather. We thank you for the effort and the time it took to put this together. It was fantastic to see General Giles again and to meet Iron Heart Boss Haraki. I wish them well on the rest of their journey through Asia.



– Saintkeat


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