Album of the Month

Suede – Coming Up

Suede Coming Up

February’s album of the month goes to a band I’ve been listening to as a kid. I have a pretty wide collection of music, and I tend to flip back to songs that feel nostalgic but relevant to current state of affairs. Coming Up is undoubtedly Suede’s gateway to international fame, with several singles reaching top 10 on charts around the world in 1997. Their music ironically references youth’s lethargic crawl into society and absence of altruism, in it’s place sits the glamorization of pop culture figure heads and film stars. I say ironic, as it appears they loathe this human condition yet endeavored to be at the forefront and idolized by the very kinds of people they despise. As conflicting as it may appear to be, the music seems to speak to my soul through all that electric energy. I sing along to Trash, Star Crazy, Film Star, Lazy, and it feels like I absolutely agree with everything they’re singing about. Musical empathy that lasts for decades, as the human condition is very unlikely to be any different for a long time to come.

Tracks to listen to: Trash, Lazy, Star Crazy, Film Star, Beautiful Ones.

– Saintkeat


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