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Denim: All About The Right Fit.


I’ve been getting a few “What size should I buy?” questions from both forum members and people I’ve met. So here’s an article to help everyone out there, who’s been looking for a guide in buying a new pair. I hope this helps.

First thing to note when looking at a new pair of denim online that you can’t track down at a physical store, is whether the denim is Sanforized or Unsanforized. One wash denotes that the denim was Unsanforized and has now been shrunk down. If you are dealing with an Unsanforized pair, note whether a “Post-Wash” measurement guide is available, otherwise whip out a calculator and for every measurement use this formula:

(inches x 0.97) = ?

If you’re dealing with a Sanforized or One Wash pair, ignore the instructions above.

Next, track down a pair that fits you perfectly or close to it, it may be an old pair or a new pair, it doesn’t matter. Lay the pair flat on an even floor and whip out your measuring tape. Pay attention to whether the sizing chart you’re looking at is in Inches or Centimeters. As you lay your jeans down on the ground, smooth it over as much as possible to ensure you’re getting the most accurate measurement you can get. IE, creases would result in a shorter measurement. Once that’s done, follow these steps and jot them down as we go along. I’ll be demonstrating on my Samurais.

1. WAIST SIZE: Button your top button, and measure from the widest ends. Multiply measurement by 2 for accurate waist size. Here you can see that my waist size is 32 inches.


2. Front Rise/Yoke: Measure from the top most part of your waist down to the seam at the bottom. Here we can see my front yoke measurement is 9.5 inches.

Front Yoke

3. Back Rise/Yoke: Flip the pair around and measure the top most part of your waist (back) down to the seam at the bottom. You might need to pinch the tape to the fabric to ensure you’ve got an accurate measurement. Here we can see my back yoke measures 13 inches.

Back Yoke

4. Thigh: To measure the thigh, flatten the denim and locate the seam at the bottom of the crotch. From there, measure across to the outer diameter of the thigh. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the line across is perpendicular with the waist. Here we can see my thigh measures 10.5 inches.


5. Knee: To measure the knee, locate the section of the leg where your knee would be and measure directly across. This one is pretty straight forward. Mine measures 7.25 inches.


6. Hem/Leg Opening: Once again, flatten the bottom of your jeans and measure directly across. Mine measures 7.125 inches.


7. Inseam: Last of all, measure from the inside leg. To do this, locate the seam at the bottom of your crotch and measure right down to the hem. Mine measures 31 inches.


Now that you have all your measurements, compare it to the pairs that you’ve been quite keen on. It should give you a pretty good estimate on how your next pair would fit. Should anyone ask you a sizing question again, refer them to this comprehensive guide. Till next time fellow denim heads.

– Saintkeat


4 thoughts on “Denim: All About The Right Fit.

  1. Great advice, rather than ask somebody what size u should buy measure your own jeans and compare!! Never heard of that formula before but it’s bang on! I’ve saved it to my phone for future reference when I’m jean shopping!
    (Geeman from SuFu)

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